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Feb 12, 2013 6:00am PST
mentally ill. >> barack obama is trying to reimplement, if you want another concorde bridge, i've got buddies. stephanie: wow! that was rocky mountain mike and diane in raleigh on vocals. it includes everything i love. what's not great about that? heart. >> barracuda. stephanie: deb, you're on the "stephanie miller show." had i, deb. caller: hey, there everybody. stephanie: hello. caller: hi. isn't that funny how the dude said that he was calling in about ted nugent but went off on his own tangent. stephanie: they're tricky like that. caller: i called mr. boehner's office asking what the heck is wrong with him allowing that sort of scum on to the house chambers. i just don't understand what they're trying to represent and if he can get control over his caucus is pretty much the way i say it on the phone trying not to laugh. stephanie: deb, you know none of them have control of the party in that there's two responses state of the union there's a republican and a tea party one. since when, right? rand paul is giving the tea party response to both the republican response and the presiden
Feb 7, 2013 6:00am PST
democrat from oklahoma the same question. he said it is about lexington and concord. >> wow. >> so you can imagine what a brood perspective there is throughout the country, and that's what makes it so challenging. >> stephanie: house democrats today will unveil 15 proposes that resemble the president's plan, and will include the ban on assault weapons. i was reading a piece yesterday by joan walsh, and she said let's stop listening to the same pundits every time that say this can't be done before we even try. what is your feeling on some of the proposals in there? >> i feel very much the same way the president does. just because we can't achieve everything doesn't mean we can afford to do nothing. and i think a lot of this package that we can get passed -- i sure hope there is because if not when? i don't know when we can do this. there is the gun violence we see every someday in our streets out there america. and then there are the injury toss the country itself that are characterized by these mass shootings in newtown which really tear at the fabric of the country. >> stephanie: yep.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2